About Us

Updated 26 Feb, 2023

TL;DR: We love our Pearson Ensign sailboat and think the vintage logo looks great on a shirt!

The Story

Warning, nautical/technical language ahead…

The genesis of this site was to replace the Ensign by Pearson logos on a sailboat. The originals were cast in pot metal and attached to the coaming of the boats. Years of exposure to saltwater has made most of these unrecognizable–when they are still attached to the boat. The idea was to model them so they could be 3D printed or re-cast.

In the process of recreating the logo electronically, we thought “this would look great on a shirt”! After some tweaking of the original design, we found that it did, in fact, look great on a shirt. It also looks good on mugs and stickers.

Now we’re making these available to the Ensign community and anyone else who wants one. If you’d like to see something else in the store (different colors or products) please contact us.

What’s an Ensign Anyway?

Pearson Ensigns are 22.5′ daysailers first manufactured in 1962. Pearson manufactured 1,776 through 1984. Pearson has since gone out of business but these boats are enthusiastically sailed throughout North America. There is an active class association and a company continues to make new Ensigns with the original molds.